5-11 October 2009

October 15 2009 at 5:04 pm (The list)

unbreakablePosterThe only film I watched this week was Unbreakable which was so much better than I remembered having only seen it once before on its original cinema release. I remember thinking that the twist wasn’t as good as that of M. Night Shyamalan’s previous hugely successful film The Sixth Sense. However, focusing purely on the twist is doing the film an enormous disservice – it’s a solid piece of drama with two very interesting characters and some fascinating themes. Plus while the twist of The Sixth Sense is clever (I certainly didn’t see it coming back in 1999), it does reveal some gaping plot holes in the film. The ending of Unbreakable, on the other hand, ties the film up nicely without forcing you to rethink absolutely everything the previous 100 minutes. (4/5)

Incidentally Unbreakable was the first film I saw at a UK cinema, having had to make do with what little Guernsey had to offer. This means that I hadn’t experienced decent seating or large arm rests with cup holders until I was about 20, which, for a film fan, is regrettable, almost unforgiveable. Nothing I can do about that now though.


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