The Final Destination (3D)

October 14 2009 at 5:09 pm (Cinema reviews)

The Final Destination PosterCopied and pasted from the previous three, this last instalment in an increasingly shoddy series adds nothing to the franchise but the hope that this really is the final Final Destination.

The idea of a coherent or original plot was dashed after the original inspired outing, so all that anyone expects by now is some devilishly convoluted Mouse Trap-style set-ups and some dumbass teens getting finished off in a variety of gruesome ways. But even that, apparently, is now too much to ask for. The original disaster takes place at a race track (obviously) and the subsequent accidents occur in such odd and tenuous places at a swimming pool and a shopping mall. The deaths themselves are disappointingly tame, and even have the gall to include a rehash of the sudden truck squish from the superior first instalment.

The frustrating thing is that it’s impossible to totally despise because the appalling acting, the brainless script and the ridiculous CGI make it quite a laugh. As a horror, it’s a disappointment, so watch it as a comedy instead. (A generous 2/5)


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