23-29 March 2009

March 30 2009 at 6:34 am (The list)

zackandmirihiresZack and Miri Make a Porno (2008)

Best friends since high school Zack (Seth Rogen, the perfect voice for writer/director Kevin Smith’s vulgarity) and Miri (Elizabeth Banks, just gorgeous) live together in platonic poverty in a rundown apartment in icy Pittsburg. When the debts start mounting up, they decide to make a porn film to make some money with the help of eccentric friends and enthusiastic recruits. It’s a Kevin Smith film through and through – the dialogue is filthy and with Smith regulars Jason Mewes and Jeff Anderson appearing, it might as well be Clerks III. As ever, Smith insists on being foul-mouthed and offensive, and yet ultimately he sticks rigidly to tried and trusted formulae. Taboos these days are few and far between so the assumption that characters shouting about anal sex and ‘arcing ropes of jism’ would shock an audience into insane laughter is a misconception. Strip away the layers of macho filth, and what you’re left with is a rather sweet love story with some moments of genuine tenderness. Sorry, if that’s giving away the ending somewhat but it was pretty obvious wasn’t it?


Rating: 3/5


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