13-19 October 2008

October 19 2008 at 11:38 pm (The list)

With Empire magazine’s 500 greatest films of all time now incorporated into the shame list, there are now so many more films to watch. Having said that, I only watched one film this week and had it not been for Empire’s list, it wouldn’t have been an ‘essential’ watch.


300 (2006)

Zack Snyder’s violent epic is notable for being entirely shot against blue- and greenscreen, but for little else. The limited colour palette gives a washed out effect that makes everything seem a bit flat. Some of the battle scenes are pretty punch-the-air exciting, but the gritty violence is strangely toothless due to an overreliance on cliché, from slow-mo swordplay to droplets of blood flying toward the camera. With a dodgy, repetitive script spoken by a mixed bag of accents, it seems a half assed effort. To misquote Leonidas, THIS… IS… BORING!


Rating: 3/5


Shame list total: 1,251


And for the record, I’ve seen 294 of Empire’s 500 greatest films of all time.


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